We are fully insured to accommodate small animals. We have a secure secluded garden with accommodation for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. We also have a well insulated indoor area for your more delicate, smaller furry friends such as mice, hamsters and rats. Heat is available in this room.

Cleaning and hygiene

All accommodation is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between animals and theIr bedding is kept clean and fresh during their stay.

Feeding bowls and water bottles are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected between animals.


Your pet will be given the opportunity to have daily outdoor exercise (please note animals will be kept separate in outdoor runs). The small animal garden is grassed and secure, However, your pets are exercised within their own runs.


We will ask at the time of booking if your pet has a specific diet and as far as possible we will keep to their normal feeding routine. Please feel free to bring along his or her own food if you think this will make their stay happier. We will provide fresh fruit and vegetables daily as well as a constant supply of fresh hay.

Special care

If your pet has special requirements please let us know at the time of booking.


For pets who enjoy a gentle groom, we have small brushes available. Please note all grooming equipment is disinfected between animals.


Small animals in own housing£6.00 per day
Small animals housed in hutches£10.00 per day
2 sharing£12.00 per day

Animals requiring specialised care will be charged accordingly (please telephone 01359 221207 to discuss).

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.