Most cats will feel anxious about the upheaval of a trip to the cattery (and the vet). Here are a few things you can do to make the process of bringing your cat to the cattery a less daunting experience for them.

The carrier

It is understandable that many cats have an aversion to their pet carrier as it is associated with either a trip to the vet or a separation from their human family. If their carrier is only brought out for the hated journey perhaps you might try bringing it out a couple of weeks prior to it being needed. In this way you cat becomes more familiar with it. The carrier can lose the negative association by trying the following:

  • play with your cat near it
  • put a favourite blanket or toy in it
  • tempt your cat to spend time in it with some tasty treats

After a time your cat should stop fearing the carrier and this in turn will make the car journey less stressful.

Familiar item

Your cat might benefit from having something with smells from your home to cuddle up with. You could bring a piece of your cats own bedding or perhaps a blanket, or clothing with his/her home smells on. Remember not to wash them for a couple of weeks prior to the stay. For a particularly clingy or nervous cat seal some small pieces of cloth in bags and we will put new bits in every few days.

Toys and brushes

Pack a familiar toy and we will use it to play with your cat. If your cat has its own brushes feel free to bring these along.

Diet and routine

We will aim to follow as closely as possible the diet you have at home so please ensure you let us know any specific diet requirements at the time of booking.