For the safety and protection of visitors, customers and staff at Haven Farm Cattery the following changes have been implemented to ensure the Cattery can operate safely. Advise has been sought from vets and government guidelines are being adhered to.

Please ensure you read and understand the implication of the current operating changes and if you have any questions telephone to discuss. Ring the landline 01359 221207.

Haven Farm Cattery has always had a very high infection control regime. All cat pens are cleaned daily and have been deep cleaned and disinfected between cats.

In order to operate safely and reduce any risks we are occupying every other unit and between occupation a period of 72 hours will be given between occupation. (Thorough disinfection will be followed by the unit remaining unoccupied).

Corridors, doors and gates will be disinfected throughout the day.

The office and grounds will be out of bounds to everyone except those working here.

Due to the amount of additional cleaning required between handling each cat it is only possible to accept a small number of cats for boarding. The only way to maintain high levels of infection control and to meet social distancing rules is to ensure customers deliver and collect at allotted times and do not enter the premises.

New procedure for booking, boarding and collection of cats

1. Viewings and visits to the cattery buildings will be possible at the moment. This can change when covid infections are high. Note this protects everyone.

2. All cattery bookings must be arranged, confirmed by email or telephone. Please email Telephone 01359 221207

3. For cats being boarded a delivery time must be agreed and strictly adhered to. If you are unable to arrive on your allocated time please telephone to rearrange. Do not arrive outside an agreed time.

4. Please wait in your car at the gate. If you have not already signed a booking form you will be asked to do this and then asked to leave your cat (please ensure your carrier is secure). Ensure you maintain the two metre rule. The boarding fee will on the paperwork, Please make arrangements to transfer the fee directly by bank. If you wish to pay by cheque or cash please seal the correct amount in an envelope.

5. Please ensure any food and medication required during your cats visit is sealed in a bag and is labelled with name and instructions.

6. There is plenty of bedding, toys and scratch post in your cat’s pen and it is all thoroughly disinfected between guests. You are welcome to bring your own cats bedding, but please keep this to a reasonable amount and seal in a labelled bag.

7. Collection of cats is also done by appointment and you should have your payment ready if not already paid and stay in your car until your cat is brought to you.