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Discovering Haven Farm Cattery has made my life a great deal easier – Since I took on a pair of ginger “rescue” cats I have not been able to take myself off at all – not even for a weekend.

These are ex-farm cats, a brother and sister, only gradually learning how to be tame. They are very needy and react badly to incarceration. Discovering Haven Farm Cattery has made my life a great deal easier. The moment I saw the generous size of the pens and external runs and “play areas”, and the painstaking way Beverley organises and settles her boarders, I was able to relax about leaving them.

Here is someone who understands the nature of the beast! She is not phased by roaming toms and noisy queens – and when you pay a visit to Haven Farm, the first thing you notice is how peacefully the inmates dispose themselves about the place – not that terrible moaning and bored pacing that is the mark of disturbance. Her terms are eminently reasonable, and after being at Haven Farm for a week, my pair of troublemakers settled back at home very quickly: this is the unmistakeable marque of quality in a cattery.

I have kept cats all my life, and know a fair amount about the species and the people who enjoy & respect them – so I can recognise a remarkable cat-person when I meet one, and I wholeheartedly commend Beverley Whelan and her Cattery at Haven Farm.

Mal Shepard