About Haven Farm Cattery

About the cattery

Haven Farm is fully insured and registered with St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

The cattery is built to FAB specifications and during 2010 we will be applying for membership to FAB.

We have 24 double units. Each unit has a fully insulated chalet with heat lamp and sleeping shelf. Bedding is provided and each cat is snug and warm during their stay. The chalet has its own run, accessed from a cat flat in the chalet. The run has sneeze barriers protecting it from the neighbouring runs and views out on to the fish pond.

Beds and bedding are provided and thoroughly disinfected between cats.


Diet is discussed with owners to ensure your cat does not receive additional stress as a result of a change to his or her diet. Special diets can be catered for, although prescription diets should be provided by the owner.

Exercise Areas

The cattery was built with large exercise areas at the end of each run of chalets. These are accessed from the service corridor and each cat can be given private access to these areas (with the owner’s permission). Note none family cats do not come into contact with other cats and exercise areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Cats are very secure and we have found that this gives cats additional stimulation during their stay.

We pride ourselves on the one to one time we give your cats and for all cats that enjoy human company we will ensure we devote time to playing, grooming, talking or cuddling.